We produce lecithin from the sunflower, advantages of which are:

  • GMO free;
  • it is produced from the ecologically clean raw material;
  • it is not allergen,

Letsitiny (from the Greek — yolk) — general term for the designation of fatty substances in the cloths of animals and plants, the egg yolks, which consist of orthophosphoric acid, choline, fatty acids, glycerin, glycolipids, fats and phospholipids.

  • Food processing industry

    Bakery and confectionary products are products that are in demand all categories of consumers, so producers need to improve the quality indicators; 

  • Biologically active additives

  • Stock raising

  • Medicine

  • Сosmetology

Release is accomplished on TU U -21.1-310035447-001: 2013.

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